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2018. gada 3. Januvāris

Iztikšu ar plakano [2018-01-03|20:19]
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Curved - Curved TVs were almost immediately shunned by the AV community, and when you lose them, it's a sure bet whatever it is won't be around too long. Curved does have a great aesthetic though; unfortunately, it just doesn't quite work for TVs in the 40-70" range, which are the vast majority of TVs sold. Curved works best when the display fills up your entire field of view. For households, that would mean having a TV well above 70"... like the size of your entire wall (to fill up your field of view) and that's something that is either not feasible or prohibitively expensive for most people.

Interesting, curved is actually very appealing at the other end- displays that are less than 40" e.g. PC monitors. Gamers especially have been clamoring for curved monitors for awhile, and unlike TVs, monitors are not limited to 16:9 aspect ratios. Indeed, 30-34" curved 21:9 (wide) monitors are the new hotness, and there is real value proposition because the curve really does immerse you based on the close viewing distance.

Šis arī [2018-01-03|16:16]
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[Mūzika |Радость Моя - Унывай душа моя]
P.S. Piedodiet, fanu video smuks, bet audio kvalitāte ne visai, te labāka -
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